gratitude-a-thon day 899: Dan (5) O.


Dear Dan (5) O.,


I can’t decide whether you turning 50 makes me feel older, or younger. But it doesn’t matter, we’re finally in the same decade again!

I’m writing this on the gratitude-a-thon on account of how super, major grateful I am for our friendship. (It’s nice when your girlfriend comes with a guy who can also be your girlfriend!)

Here are the ten things I like best about you:

  1. You’re a great listener. You always make me feel heard and seen.
  2. You make a mean cocktail and a perfect cup of coffee.
  3. You make people feel comfortable. Whether it’s at your house entertaining, or in a social setting, your sweet manner makes people feel good.
  4. You’re funny (and you know how I love funny).
  5. You’re thoughtful and take time to get to know what would really mean something to someone.
  6. You always know the best binge-worthy tv shows that even I don’t know.
  7. You’re techno-savvy.
  8. I love your effort to be mindful and meditate. (We share this ongoing, but worthy struggle.)
  9. You love your dog, like I love my dog.
  10. You’re adorable.

We’ve been friends a long time, and I hope you know that I consider you one of the people who understands me best. I love you for that.

So gosh darn many memories we’ve art directed over the past 14 years. Thanks for every one of them. And happy birthday.

Love you,

The other Toni



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