gratitude-a-thon day 921:steeeeeeve!

A major heart attack a few months ago, and he looks ten times better than I do today!

My friend Steve from California was here last night. My friend Steve who had a massive “widow maker” heart attack only a few months ago. My friend Steve who I did a GoFundMe page for, because we thought he was going to die, or at the least be brain damaged from the deep freeze coma he was put into for a week, leaving a wife and four kids behind.

That guy.

And guess what? He is fine. Better than fine. He’s calmer and has a new gratitude for life (not that he wasn’t a mighty appreciative guy before). This is a minor miracle. Actually minor is an understatement. This is a major miracle. A big fucking MIRACLE.

There were several things that went right for this to happen, starting with his son who never formally learned CPR, but performed it anyway, and when Steve asked him how he knew how to do it, when he was unfrozen and could speak again, Skyler said, “Dad, I watch tv.” (I have watched every Grey’s Anatomy and I still don’t know how to do it. Peter would not be so lucky). But really, this was key, because Steve was not breathing. He was totally unresponsive, and if Skyler had not watched so many medical dramas, Steve wouldn’t have visited this weekend, on account of he would, plain and simple, be dead.

Also, the choice to put him into a coma was key, as well. This allowed his body to rest and regenerate. Of course, there was the risk of him not coming out, or coming out with damage to his brain. But neither of these things happened, which is another thing that could have gone terribly wrong, but went terribly right.

Anyway, it was an amazing thing to see Steve. He is back to swimming as fast as he swam when he was 28! All of which is to say a hokey, miracles happen. Several happened to Steve. Gradi to the tude, grateful.



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