gratitude-a-thon day 922: !n Prai$e of Pr#fanity


Last night my friend Jocelyn asked me to go to a book reading, on account of the fact that the book was so up my alley. The book is called !n Prai$e of Pr#fanity by Michael Adams.

Um, yeah, we all get why she thought I might like it.

I have not read the book yet because I was too busy swearing to read it, not really, I haven’t read it because I just got it, what am I Evelyn Wood? (Is that a wasted analogy, does anybody remember commercials for the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course from, like the 70’s?)


Adams read several passages and they were interesting and pretty funny, too. He himself doesn’t swear. (What the fuck?) But he makes some very good points about why those of us who do swear, do swear. And he explores some of the historical background of words like my personal favorite “fuck.” There is apparently something satisfying about the ability to “throw” the word out of your mouth because of its consonants. I’m all for swearing satisfaction.

Anyway, if you know someone like me, you might just have your holiday shopping in the bag.





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