gratitude-a-thon day 932: do something good



Between the election, and the bombs in NY and NJ and the police killing of black men for seemingly no reason, I gotta turn up the good news, be grateful for the people out there who are giving, who are helping out. Are you with me? We need to focus on some good shit, people.

Who doesn’t remember the provocative lunchroom scene where you don’t know where to sit, and you are paralyzed for several moments and want to crawl under a table instead of sit at one? Look what this girl did. You can grow up to be president, Natalie Hampton.

I never cut a coupon, but look what I could do if I did. Laura Peryear, you’re freaking awesomness!

I love Ron Alton.  Way to raise a girl, or a boy for that matter. YOU are amazing.(Make sure to watch the video. I’m going to start doing this today!)

For the past three years a student at City College Norwich has been sending positive messages to people who are having a hard time. She calls it the “Sending a Smile” project. Kudos, kid!

Do something nice for someone today. Something small, something big (Like my friend Beth, who is asking people to celebrate her 51st birthday by giving her 51 gift cards for women and kids who need them via the fab organization she works for.) Just do something positive today. Inspiring stories, people who go the extra block, people who give, make us want to do better. We gotta drown out the bad juju, guys. You know what I always say–there is more good than bad……




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