gratitude-a-thon day 933:I’m with her. There is nobody else to be with.


14462889_1259542480768945_8652912078820955852_n.jpgCalm and cool, she killed it.  Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential candidate was prepared and poised in last night’s debate. She made Donald Trump look like the impetuous  imposter he is (as if he needs any help with that). With a vocabulary of approximately 40 words, more facial expressions than an orangutan, and some bold faced lies, Hillary clearly crushed the reality star. Hey Donald, you’re fucking fired.

It’s clear that many Americans desperately want change and think a political outsider can bring it. However, Trump is not the right choice for the job. As Jordan Stratton tweeted, “Since Bernie didn’t win the nomination, I’m gonna vote for Trump. Also, since the store didn’t have my favorite beer, I’m gonna drink bleach.” That sums this race up for me. I respect anyone who feels the system is broken and wants something different, I just don’t understand wanting that something different to be an impulsive man who acts like a boastful and insecure 8th grade boy, who must pat himself on the back every few minutes, and deliver half-truths and bold-faced lies. (Did he really say he has a great temperament, a better temperament than Hillary?)

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 7.58.40 AM.png
“I never said that.” I believe this is called lying, Donald. Dangerous lying.

There is too much at stake here to take a risk on a reality tv star who is living in his own reality (where facts are optional). Hillary is smart. Hillary is composed and measured, experienced and ready to be the leader of the free world. Donald Trump is not ready (hell, he’s barely ready for prime time, let alone the Oval). There is a clear choice here. One of the candidates is ready to lead. One of them is ready to lead us onto the set of The Apprentice. This is serious business. We can’t afford to have an apprentice.

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