gratitude-a-thon day 934: Life, Animated

Is anybody besides me moldy from all this rain?

Peter and I watched a fascinating movie last night called Life, Animated. It’s the story of a family who’s son was developmentally like any other toddler his age,  until the age of three, when he stopped talking, and was ultimately diagnosed with Autism. The film uses real home movies, and interviews to recount the journey, but also uses incredibly beautiful illustration and animation.

But here’s the kicker and what makes this story so interesting–at about age seven or eight, the family, who spends a lot of time watching animated Disney films together, because it calms Owen and is something they can actually do together, says a whole sentence and that sentence is, “Walt (his brother, who has just celebrated a birthday) doesn’t want to grow up like Peter Pan and Mogley.” His parents cannot believe it, totally freak out, and realize that Owen is in there, and processing the world through Disney animated films. This is, of course, amusing, but it’s also amazing, because this boy has found a way to understand his world and begin to communicate. It’s a remarkable story, and an important one in helping to unlock some of the mysteries of Autism.

Gratitude for parents who go the distance in good times and difficult situations. Here’s to the Suskind’s for sharing their story, and to their incredible son, Owen.

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