gratitude-a-thon day 954: a new job in town: let’s not forget this is the FIRST woman to ever run for president


On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote.

Tomorrow women can actually vote for a female presidential candidate for the first time in political history.

Walls and racism and  predatory behavior and misogyny and emails have blurred the extraordinary fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton has crashed through the glass ceiling with fucking bells on.



When little girls are sifting through the options of careers they might occupy as an adult, “lawyer, teacher, mommy,” they can now add “president.” Because one woman fought through the male dominated landscape of politics and just kept putting one foot after another until she reached her goal. You might not like her, but you have to admit, this woman has balls.

Whether she wins or loses tomorrow (and I do believe she will win), she has made an indelible mark in history, opened doors that were double locked shut, and shown us that if you put your head down and work hard, you can do, well, anything. I’m with her. For her guts, her stamina, and her bulldozer-like tenacity, among other things. Little girls: there’s a new job in town.

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