gratitude-a-thon day 955:All you need to do today is vote (for Hillary)

All I want you to do today is vote (for Hillary). I don’t care who you vote for (but voting for Hillary would prevent the end of the world, you know, if you care about that sort of thing), as long as you vote. It’s your civic duty to vote (for the only qualified candidate, Hillary), it’s your right  (to give HRC your vote).

If you do nothing all day, but go to the polls and fill in the dots on your ballot (especially the Hillary for president dot), you will have done something to literally change the fate of our country and our world. Is that asking too much (of you to vote for the most qualified candidate in the history of presidential elections, HILLARY).

All kidding aside, wherever you are, please vote (unless you’re voting for Trump)!

Godspeed, people. Let’s hope this thing comes out right.


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