gratitude-a-thon day 957: you can’t just “get over” hate


It’s funny how Trump supporters are all, “Get over it, he won, move on, already.”

This Democratic loss has nothing to do with wanting our candidate to win in a middle- school-student-council way.

This loss has to do with all the losses that Donald Trump promised if he was elected.


His campaign, unlike any other in history, was filled with hate, rallies of people who he encouraged to be less tolerant of our differences, rather than more tolerant. The most basic thing I tried to teach my kids while they were growing up was to accept the differences among us–in color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical and mental ability. Trump’s vitriolic rants made fun of those with disabilities, of women, Muslims, immigrants, in fact, of every group, except lily white men.

I will never feel good about any person who is celebrated by the KKK.

This election has been a lot about loss. THE LOSS OF HUMAN DECENCY. So, to ask a Hillary supporter to just get over it already— that’s going to take a lot longer than a few days. See, we believe in the deepest parts of our soul that love and tolerance should always win. And this time they didn’t.

This isn’t from an election rally. It’s from after Trump won.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 957: you can’t just “get over” hate

  1. He said some stupid things I give you that but to vote for Hillary not in a million years she is a habitual liar breaks the law every chance she gets and acts like a stupid women when she gets caught !! She once said build a wall and she was against gays getting married but her followers will sweep anything she does under a rug ! Give the man a chance his bark is bigger than his bite…

    1. Some of the things that are most important to me, Kathy, are inclusiveness, climate change (which he doesn’t believe in), fairness. I pray that he will not be who he was during his campaign, but I have nothing else to go on, you know?

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