gratitude-a-thon day 961: give yourself a hug


The other day I posted about self-care, but only to make you (and myself) laugh (because there CANNOT be enough of that right now, if you ask me). But I am finding that I need some real self-care stat. SO MANY people I know are exceptionally anxious  right now, despite the upcoming mash potato festival. And I will include myself in this group. Trump and his cabinet picks have me feeling tense, ill-at-ease, and waking up in the middle of the night to make sure the NYT hasn’t declared the whole world about to end (I’d want to know so I could pack a few things).

News overload was my problem for the first five or so days.  I didn’t feel safe unless I was reading or watching or listening to the news. If I could have had a news IV, I would have. But in the past few days, it seems I am innately protecting myself from the neurological assault of the news, and I find that I’m barely turning on CNN, or MSNBC, only reading high quality news sites.

I like to be informed, but right now, I feel like it’s just too much. There’s too much at stake, it’s too frightening, it’s too sad. 

We all have to do what we have to do to keep ourselves sane during this time of unprecedented upheaval (connect, clean, exercise, meditate, fucking get down on our knees and PRAY……).

Be kind to other people, but also, don’t forget to be extra kind to yourself. Take some time to feel gratitude for what you have. THIS NEVER FAILS. And give yourself a big fat hug. In fact, give a big fat hug to everybody you can. It’s important to  take care of each other right now (and always).

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