gratitude-a-thon day 979: i’ll take that and that and that


“My boy, Elroy.” I admit it, I thought we might be flying around when I was older, but the internet was not something I could imagine when I was young.

Having been so sick during the holidays, I did a lot of online shopping. And like, gratitude for that, because while I was fending off chills and body aches and a snotty nose and a dog cough, and exhaustion that came from doing nothing more than napping, I could actually do the Santa work that I normally would do in stores.

I always think about the fact that when I was a kid, if you told me that I would one day be able to shop from my bed (let alone carry the world around in my pocket) I woulda thought you’d watched too much Twilight Zone while raiding your parent’s liquor cabinet. I mean, it would have been out of the realm of my imagination. Who could have thunk it? I thought maybe we’d be flying around with jet packs, a la The Jetson’s, but shop from my house by pushing buttons on a thing that’s the size of a standard notebook–nuh-uh.

I know there are lots of demons that come with our technology, but the internet saved my ass this Christmas, and it’s just one more time that I am shocked and damn grateful for the magic of the world wide web.

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