gratitude-a-thon day 980: better different


There are a shit ton of things to be grateful for.

It’s simple and it’s complex, but being aware of what you have in your grasp is a sure-fire, no frills, winning way to live.

Whether it’s a ripe strawberry, a bed with piles of covers, that first sip of coffee prepared exactly right, a healthy bundle of baby, someone who loves you truly, madly, deeply (even when you could be mistaken as Linda Blair in The Exorist), the smell of sizzling garlic, or just the ability to tilt your head up at the sky to witness the insane beauty going on up there, our choice to see and feel the stuff that’s ours can make the human condition, a happier condition.

When you are able to grasp the process of being grateful, I believe your attitude begins to change. Being an “I have” is way more appealing, not to mention healthier than being an “I want.” Plus it’s more fun. Ruminating about what you don’t have can ruin a day quicker than you can say “Did we really elect that guy?”

Even we here (meaning me here) at the gratitudeathon lose our way sometimes. I have been sick for over a month, and I have lost my way brothers and sisters, and have just begun feeling sorry for myself. But the cool thing about being in the gratitude loop is that you can begin again if you find yourself having reared way off course and are wandering aimlessly through a field in Iowa. Just get back to yourself and think of what it is that’s yours–material, non-material, borrowed.

Start now. Don’t wait for a more convenient time. Now is the time. Today.




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