gratitude-a-thon day 987: i’d be happy if


Sometimes I think if the weather would just stay warm, I would be happy. Or if I could lose five pounds, five pounds down and life would be a freaking rose garden. Or like, if I just didn’t have a bad back and a wonky foot and I could wear heels, or if I just had a bigger bathroom, or could travel more, and didn’t have such a 95 pound weakling immune system. Knives that stayed sharp, a car that was self-cleaning, a closet that was bigger and this girl would be whistling a happy tune. Or like, if I could have pancakes for breakfast every morning, and was an organized person, happiness would be mine, mine, mine.

Or If I could help solve people’s painful problems, empower the masses, nobody would ever be happier.

If I could see every Broadway show, always be in the front row at the concerts of my choice. If I could change the outcome of the presidential election, surely I would be like Snoopy doing the happy dance.

The thing is that happiness comes from the department of the interior–yours.  It has to do with you more than it has to do with anything else. It has a lot to do with the gratitude you feel about the things that you already possess–the consistent meditation on what’s already yours, inside and out. Five pounds, higher heels and pancakes won’t do it, but some gratitude just might.

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