gratitude-a-thon day 985: please mr. president, don’t go


You can’t help but notice the difference. One man has integrity oozing from every pore, and the other seems to be devoid of it entirely.

This is not about one party vs. the other, it’s about human dignity, moral character and grace.


I felt inspired once again last night as I watched President Obama deliver his farewell speech. I felt encouraged, and like we were more together than apart. I felt the powerful pull of his gentle urging to get involved and unify.

I felt hope.

But then he left the stage, as I moaned like a wounded cat on my couch, and the pundits began to espouse his eight year reign and I was forced to remember that the next four years would be very different, and that I would have to hold onto what Barack and Michele Obama had modeled to keep my sanity, to keep my own dignity.


“When they go low, we go high.” I don’t mind telling you that getting high for the next four years seems a better option.

Thank you Mr.President and Michele for showing us all what integrity and inspiration looks like.


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