gratitude-a-thon day 1054: the elements (jillschwartz) of style


Some people collect sneakers (my son has enough for a few sports teams). Some people collect insulators (my husband used to when he was a kid. And by the way, they’re those things that are glass on the top of a telephone poll and I don’t know why anybody would collect them), and some collect sunglasses (my daughter could open a Sunglass Hut).

I collect jewelry.

I can’t help it.

I didn’t grow up in a jewelry-crazed home, where my mom was mad for bling. Still, I was crazy for vintage silver rings and big colorful earrings and dangly bracelets. I wore earrings that matched my barrettes for a bunch of years (ok, I can’t believe I did that, but let’s discuss the ridiculous things you did back then, shall we).

I longed for diamond stud earrings when I was in high school. Just the perfect little sparkle at my ears that I would never take out. My parents were like, that is so not happening.

While waitressing during college, I finally bought myself a teeny tiny pair, and then when I did advertising for a jewelry company, another, bigger pair. And then my husband bought me another even nicer pair as a surprise, and I did just as I thought I would, I wear them a lot. And I love them like a small child. Because when I wear them I see that little starry shine next to my face and it makes me happy. Do. Not. Judge. Non-Jewelry. Lovers.

For years, I have been obsessed with different necklaces and bracelets and earrings dangling and shining and hanging around my neck, from my wrists and ears. I mix and match and layer like I was dressing my Barbie dolls when I was little (and by the way, I used to cut their hair and style it, too and can I tell you that it’s a good thing I didn’t go into that profession–those poor dolls….). When I was in Tanzania last summer, I was mad for all the beaded jewelry the Masai women wore. Big necklaces and long earrings. Maybe they are my people?


Here’s a little bit of my obsession in my very old Brimfield armoire (it was a steal!)  Lots of Elements pieces here. Aren’t they awesomeness?!


Recently, a fabulous jewelry company tapped me to be an ambassador for them (I would rather have been a queen or princess, but I had to settle for ambassador).  All I have to do is post a picture wearing their jewelry, which I have been wearing and collecting for almost 30 years! What’s not fun about that? 


Elementsjillschwartz is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern. It has seen me through trips and dinners and work meetings. I’ve worn it on dates and boats and beaches, at concerts, museums, and lunches. I give it as gifts (if I can tear it out of my own hands), I mix it with other jewelry, I wear it alone. It’s versatile, but it packs a nice style punch.


Jill, the designer, is adorable times  245,934,776. She just has that style thing. She knows how to put stuff together in the totally best way.


And the company is great. They are 100% behind their jewels, and will always try and make you happy, like if for instance, if you lose an earring (and how many times have i done that), or something should break. I love any retailer that puts your experience first.

Gratitude for Elementsjillschwarts–feeding my obsession, and jewelry in general, making the world a prettier place (and taking the emphasis off of my wrinkles).



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