gratitude-a-thon day 1059: the people


President Pinnochio.

The White House, filled with Trump’s inexperienced brood, has become the First Family of Dysfunction. It’s like living in a Saturday Night Live skit. Comedy writers around the country rejoice on the daily, until they realize this isn’t really funny at all. It’s our country’s leadership going down in flames. We’ve become the laughing stock of the fucking world.

Hey, it’s not like Trump voters didn’t know. Mr. Carrot Top Combover showed his true colors over and over on the campaign trail. But still, they persisted. And still, despite not one piece of legislation being passed, lies being thrown around like toys in a sandbox, and the disappearance of all human decency and integrity, they persist in sticking by their prick, I mean pick.

Gratitude to journalists everywhere and good and intelligent people who are standing up and speaking out about the lies, the bigotry, the TREASON, the total INSANITY that’s running our country right now. You are the light. Because man, it’s gotten really dark in here.



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