gratitude-a-thon day 1066: babies


When I walk my dog around the neighborhood, I see a lot of babies. There seem to be more babies than when I struggled through infertility and the entire world was made of babies (I swear there were no adults back then, ONLY BABIES).

I just saw a tiny Japanise girl with a mini pink bow in her hair and little teeny socks. She was with her grandmother. Her face made me gasp. I just wanted to stare at her and all her brand newness and possiblity. I managed to tell her grandmother how beautiful she was before she scurried off with that adorable bundle to the water sprinkler.

I love babies because, well of course they’re cute, but also because when I see a baby, I think maybe, just maybe he or she will get it right. Just the hope that somebody, someday will get it more right than the next person makes me hella grateful.



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