gratitude-a-thon day 1065: perfect weather


Yesterday was the perfect weather day that we Bostonians literally wait for just like a dog waits at the door for his owner to come home. Pant, pant, pant, we pull out waterproof boots (and hope they’re really waterproof), zip up the down sleeping bag coat and put a hat on that covers our ears and slips too easily over our eyes in preparation for a day like yesterday. We suffer through flash flooding, our phones going off to let us know we might soon need to get our scuba gear on. We brave cold temps, frozen roads and wind that could remove our eyelashes from our lids (and I’m talking our real eyelashes) just to get a day like yesterday (and it looks like today, too).

The clear air (humidity on vacay down South), the Caribbean blue water sky, the sun hitting everything at just the right angle. This is why we stand the rest of it, for this day, these days, where the weather is so sublime, it nourishes our souls in preparation for the other 362 days a year.

Yes, it would be nice to live somewhere the weather was more like this everyday, but then a day like yesterday wouldn’t stand out, rule the world, glitter like 1,988,210,934  disco balls, would it?

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