gratitude-a-thon day 1098: drugs when you need them


Barbie demonstrating what a migraine feels like. 


For the past six weeks I have been plagued with sinus headaches that morph into migraines with morning sickness-type nausea. There is little I like less than feeling like I am going to projectile vomit everything I’ve ever eaten. Except for a headache, oh, and Trump being president, and cellulite sucks (why can nobody get rid of this stuff) and fish, Jesus I have tried to like it, but I hate fish, and people insulted by the word “fuck”….but I digress.

If you have never had a migraine, let me try and explain, so that you have some empathy for someone who tells you they have one. It’s so interesting — I just am living my life, all fine and dandy, when I turn my head any which way, and there it is, like it was waiting for me in a particular air space. It starts off in my eyes, and before I know it, I am nauseous like I have had seven kegs of beer the night before. Then the light hits me like a light saber in The Star Wars movies and pretty soon after that I feel like I cannot hold my head up there on my shoulders, like there are just not enough muscles or ligaments to keep that thing upright. Then I’m in it and the only place that makes anything one inch better is a dark room and a bed.  Sleep is actually the only thing that acts as a friend. Gone Fishin’. No computer, no tv, no noise, no phone.

Anyway, I got some drugs yesterday–antibiotics and steroids to de-swell the whole situation and I am hoping that the sinus infection will just disappear and the headaches will take a hike outta town and get lost and never visit me again. Gratitude for pharmeceutical miracles. Amen.


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