gratitude-a-thon day 1099: mueller time


I am literally waiting by the computer for word of the Mueller indictments, with the same fervor I would have if you told me my mother was going to come back from the dead. Puh-lease make there be something that is as dreadful as this presidency, Mr. M.

The state of affairs in politics right now is as appetizing to me as restaurants who serves whole fish, with the eyes in tact. I am an avid seafood hater. Oh, I know how good it is for me and that it’s part of every smart girl’s diet, and believe me I have tried to like it, but let me tell you about the gag response nearly all fish gives me, and has always given me since I can remember. The faintest smell of underwater taste treats makes me want to regurgitate everything I’ve eaten since I was born. Not even kidding. At all. Seriously. If someone wanted to torture me, they would lock me in the seafood department of Whole Foods.

I am utterly overwhelmed by amount of lies that are spewing out of that orange disaster’s mouth. And it’s a continuous stream, with no breaks. The Twitter rants alone are a historical low. There is a lot of chatter about our predator in chief wanting to fire Saint Mueller, and if this happens I am going to have to take to the streets.

I had been on a small hiatus from the news, because I was just finding it too stressful to mix in to my daily life, but I am back at it, waiting, wondering if Mueller time might bring down that disgusting, grotesque and altogether abysmal thing that we currently have running (into the ground) our country. Something has to change. And soon.



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