gratitude-a-thon day 2005: best holiday



My Uncle Louie. This was the mastermind of most of the Thanksgivings I’ve had. This man, one of the best men around (and sadly, no longer around) was the chef of all chefs. And man could this guy cook (not to mention, eat).


Tomorrow is my most favorite holiday. There are a bunch of reasons why.

1) It is a food holiday. I am all about some food, and it happens to be the traditional turkey, (for a the absolute best turkey recipe, check out my Uncle Louie, the turkey master’s recipe, written by my sister for her column in Globe South).stuffing and mashed potatoes is some food that I could possibly live on if you asked me what I’d need on a desert island. Also, I love to pick. And is there anything more fun than standing around the turkey picking at its good bits? (There probably is, but this just highlights how boring my life is).

2) There is no gift shopping, and while I love to shop, when I am forced to, I find it less alluring than, say, having an internal exam at the gynecologist while having a few teeth pulled and vacuuming at the same time.

3) This is a holiday that’s all about what you’re thankful for. Boom, you know how I feel about that, here at the gratitude-a-thon.

4) I have had some of my most fun and best times on this holiday at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, with big crowds some years and intimate crowds, others. Thanksgiving is about family, and family is anybody you are related to, or wish you were related to, who you love madly, or can’t stand.

5) Did I already mention the mashed potatoes?

Wherever you’ll be, whoever you are going to be with, be grateful for what you have and fuck whatever you don’t have. I’m telling you, this is the miracle you need in your life–gratitude.


This is the beautiful table at my Uncle Lou’s and Aunt Chris’s that i have spent most of the turkey holiday at.
The gang.
Always too much eating.
A change of scenery–the first Thanksgiving at my house.


That time we had it in Barcelona when Jake was going to University of Barcelona and he got sick and had to go home.



The year we spent it with the Lapidus clan and had Greek Thanksgiving and watched Nick carve a turkey like nobody’s business.


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