gratitude-a-thon day 2006: computer help


When I was a kid pounding on a typewriter, doing homework and drafting papers, correcting mistakes with White Out, no such thing as “Cutting or Pasting,” I didn’t even have the imagination to conjure up the likes of what a computer could do. (Yes, I am “White Out” old). I mean, it was impossible back then, to even entertain that future technology would one day allow us to connect to the whole damn world on a tiny, thin oblong box, smaller than your hand. Not to mention, that you would be able to actually see the person that you were talking to on that tiny, thin oblong box that was smaller than your hand, if you so desired–WHAT. I mean, that’s some George Jetson shit right there, isn’t it?


Computer technology is like a dream you might have after doing mushrooms one night with your college roommates when you were supposed to be studying trig. I use my computer and phone to work remotely, to communicate with friends and family, to access my “other” brain, google. I rely on it for entertainment, getting news, planning a trip, going to a restaurant, finding the very best fill-in-the-blank and shopping for the mundane, like water, to the exotic, like the finest olives.


But oh, the deep down dread when something goes wrong with your computer or phone. I wish there was a Lifeline necklace for this issue, like they have for older people who fall. You know, you’d press it and a bunch of techie nerds would break down your door and come to your rescue (new service?)


Anyway, I am in computer hell right now. Again. I have a knight in White Shining armor coming tomorrow and hoping that he can sweep my laptop off its feet and get me back on the grid. There will not be enough gratitude. NOT. ENOUGH. I. TELL. YOU.



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