gratitude-a-thon day 2008: the makers

At the holidays, crafts are everywhere, vying for your spending dollars. I have such gratitude for this because, besides love, I think people who create make the world go round.

I adore an artist, a person who makes things out of absolutely nothing but their own imagination. There is energy in this, a swelling of inspiration, a big wild burst of joy.


If you’re looking for absolutely adorable gifts, look no further than my friend Stephanie Peterson Jone’s website. Her Drawing for Joy book is smart, fun and dare I say meditative (a super big compliment from someone who has the attention span of a tired toddler).


If a landscape painting is in the budget, go take a look at Kevin Kearns dreamy works of art. An art director turned artist, Kevin’s work absolutely knocks me out. I will one day have one of these hanging in my house, I swear it.



For sparkly, colorful, make-an-outfit bling, head to Elementsjillschwartz. This prolific designer gives you lots to choose from. The one-for-you, one-for -them theory of gift buying will likely plague you here.


Got a kid on your list, or an adult who thinks they are a kid, or an actual adult who likes to laugh, get a deb lucke book. This one can make a story and draw it. Some people get all the talent. Anyway, her Lunch Witch book is being made into a major motion picture starring, drumroll, Kate McKinnon!

To all those who make, create and fill the world with art, gratitude and love. Keep it coming. We need you.





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