gratitude-a-thon day 2007: don’t let him wear you down


There is a serious reason to believe that the president has lost his marbles. Of course, that’s  providing he had all of them to start with, which I sincerely doubt. (Read what Art of the Deal writer has to say about Trump).

I know that I whine about POTUS a lot. It’s because I cannot believe the things that come out of his mouth, which are devoid of moral character and any trace of grace. I can’t tolerate that his twitter feed is the work of a runaway train kind of impulsivity and that this misogynistic, predator, racist, islamophobic, lying, pedophile-supporting, immigrant-despising, Nazi-loving, hater has the same job as men like Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt held. It’s worse than the Twilight Zone episode with the monster on the wing of the plane. BECAUSE THE MONSTER IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH THE NUCLEAR CODES.

I continue to talk about this person and rant about him because I believe we cannot allow him to wear us down with his rhetoric. We can’t allow his repugnant actions and speech to become normalized, like say, opioids, which, by the way, he is as dangerous as.

Here’s the thing: does anyone think Donald Trump is a good role model for a child? Does anyone believe that bullying an unbalanced Kim Jong-un, who is cavalierly launching nuclear warheads our way, is an intelligent play?

Yeah, thought so.

Keep talking about his hate, his disrespect for all. Do not allow this to pass for leadership. He’s trying to exhaust reason. And us. Don’t let him. We are better than this. I know I am and I know you are too. I am not going to stop speaking the truth about our president until he is no longer president. This isn’t Democrat vs. Republican. It’s crazy vs. the sanity of our country. Gratitude goes to every person who continues to remind the world that we all deserve better. RESIST. Do it loudly, so like, anyone living on Mars could hear you. And treat it like brushing your teeth– twice a day, every day.


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