gratitude-a-thon day 2013: getting organized, again

I have been doing what I do this time of year. Thinking of my resolutions. A new year always feels like another chance to get it right. Not surprisingly, “get organized” immediately wrote itself down on my list without even enlisting my hand. That’s because it has been on my list for the last like, 148 years (and I’m only 58). Despsite this hope and longing, my effort at being featured in a Real Simple magazine layout has never come to pass.

Of course, things get a little more orderly for a few days or weeks, post New Year’s. I clean out my drawers, give away a couple things in my closet, throw out some expired prescriptions in the medicine cabinet. That is the end of my resolve. Sure, I’ve done a little something, but like, nobody’s looking at my house and thinking it’s the set of a Nancy Meyers movie.

I can never seem to attain the true Martha Stewart-ness I’m after. Of course, my parents were not organized types, so I come by my challenge with this quite naturally. Although, I do have a cousin, Barb, who is the most organized person in the free world. Really. I am sure she has a crown and a trophy somewhere in her perfectly organized abode, and more impressive, that she knows exactly where it is. How is it that I am blood-related to her? She seems to have hoarded all the organizational genes in the family. Jealous, much?

Anyway, I have examined my fear of organization from every which way (and there is some interesting stuff up there in my brain, I can tell you) and this year I have come up with a strategy for myself. See, one of the things that makes me unable to de-clutter, a must in the quest for orderliness, is a concern I will need whatever it is I am giving away. So, in a de-clutter-a-thon that I began yesterday, I have a little mantra I began using, which is: “Give it away and if you need it, you can buy another.” And guess what–this few words allowed me to fill five garbage bags of garbage and five more of clothes! And today I will use my little phrase again, as I plow through getting rid of things that will bring some order to the court, I mean, house.

Already I feel lighter, and like I have more room to think, to bring in new thoughts and ideas and goals. And that’s the reason I want to be organized to start with–to have more freedom, instead of being burdened by stuff (oh yeah, and to always be able to find my favorite t-shirt–where is that thing).

Gratitude for never giving up, for thinking outside the garbage bag. (And of course, if not this year, there is always next.)  Happy new year!

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