gratitude-a-thon day 2049: reblog: if i were giving the graduation speech

Today is the graduation at BHS. This is the blog I wrote the day my daughter graduated. I thought I’d share again. I still and will always believe all it says.


If I were doing today’s BHS graduation speech:

Get a dog. Because when life feels like a tsunami is all up in your face, and the chickens get out of the coop, and you’re having a perpetual bad hair day, and not one thing is going right, that dog will still love you. And that love will sustain you to get back up and out and on with being amazing.

Love. Not money, or a $100,000 car, or a logo on your bag, or a house on the beach, well maybe a house on the beach, is the thing to strive for. Not just the love of a lover, but the love of friends, of community. Choose a career you have passion for, and make enough money to pay your bills, and be able to travel as much as you can, but more importantly, make relationships. All sorts of them. Because this is the money shot. Swear to god. This is everything.

Equal to love is resilience. Failure is not only inevitable, it’s the best professor you will ever have, better than your favorite elementary school teacher. It’s not how you trip, how you fall on your face and break your nose, how you stumble and get hit by a drone, it’s how you get back on your feet, how you stand again, the grace with which you straighten up and fly right. It’s in that space that growth occurs. It’s in that kind of misery that we truly morph into people who can stick our middle fingers up at anything that comes, and not only make it, but soar.

That’s it, class of 2016. Love and resilience. Now go. And fucking be amazing.

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