gratitude-a-thon day 2061: new tv


Technology gratitude. We got a new tv. The last time we bought a television was 15 years ago. Yes, of course I knew that they’d improved in every way, but seriously, I feel like people are in the room with me. When I turn this thing on, it’s much more like watching a play. I’m half scared someone is going to reach into my bowl of popcorn.

Those poor news people–you can see every wrinkle, blemish and roll of fat (course, Anderson Coooper is still adorable). No wonder actresses are having so much plastic surgery, makeup can’t hide this kind of magnifying glass.

And let’s discuss size, this thing is like having a giant iphone. It’s thinner than a bed sheet. My old tv was thick, like John Goodman before he went on that diet. And it was heavy,  like a freaking piano. My dog could pick up this tv.

Plus it’s smart (smarter than I am). It’s got all the stuff you want, like Netflix and Prime and Hulu embedded. Uh-huh! Ah, the 21st century.

Anyway, time marches on, and it’s sort of fun to see it in my den. Gratitude to all those perfect little people that fit into my ultra-thin screen and just wait for me to flick the switch and watch ’em.


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