gratitude-a-thon day 2065: when republicans were republican: mccain

“My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat. And I loved John McCain, ” began Biden’s eulogy for his good friend.

You might think I hated McCain because I too am a die-hard Democrat, but I didn’t. In fact, I have a lot of gratitude for him. Not because I agreed with his politics, but because I agreed with his goodness, his fairness, his integrity and respect for the country. This was a good man who didn’t just believe in service, he gave his life to it. He was in every way, the opposite of the person we have in the White House now. It’s a stark reminder of what’s missing from the current presidency. Because he stood for something that we are deeply missing right now.


McCain admitted to his mistakes. He didn’t rationalize them, or continually spew lies to make himself appear infallible. He was a real person, who made mistakes and owned them.

This is a bi-partisan loss. McCain was an old school Republican, from back when that party stood for something. When it had a point of view.

I won’t drone on about the disgusting miserable piece of human waste our current president is, I’ll just say that one of the good ones died and losing him in this moment of time provides a stunning and eye-opening contrast in men that I hope will provide some clarity,  come the mid-terms. Read the fourth paragraph of this article by David Foster Wallace that describes McCain’s P.O.W. experience, If you weren’t convinced of McCain’s heroism, you might be after you put your eyes on this. Then imagine Donald Trump in the same situation. Then try and stop yourself from laughing.

Phoenix, out. Thank you for your service and your example.



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