gratitude-a-thon day 2066: waking up


Gratitude for just waking up. Ha! Doesn’t get more basic than that, now does it?

But really, I’m always sort of shocked when I think about all the work our bodies have to do to keep on ticking. Just think of your heart alone. That thing has to do Crossfit every 10 seconds. What about your lungs? In and out, day in and day out. How bout your eyes, with all that blinking, up down, up down, they’re like doing the work of 72,098 seesaws with a perpetual line of kids waiting their turn. And let’s hear it for my left shoulder, which wants to be involved in absolutely everything. (Do you have a body part like that, that just tenses up and insists on getting in on every single thing you do? Meet my left shoulder.)

Anyway, I have to have a simple arthroscopic knee surgery next week, which will make my body have to work harder, so I am just getting real with all the labor it does and kind of giving it a round of applause to get on its good side, in hopes that it will heal well. All they’re doing is going in and cutting a hanging flap of meniscus, which is over my joint space and threatening to lock up my knee, so hoping it will not be a major drama, but I won’t be able to do yoga or pilates for 6 weeks (and it has taken me out of those activities for the last six weeks already, so you know, I’m not very happy, no not very happy at all). But as someone pointed out the other day as I expressed my wish for things to be different–“At least it’s something you can fix.” And that there is truth, so I’m prepping my head to go with all that good luck–that I can fix my knee and move on down the road.

So, thank you, body, brain, liver, pancreas. Standing O for my spleen, thyroid and intestines. Your life’s work really keeps me going.  And a big freaking gracias to my sense of humor too–probably the most important thing of all.



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