gratitude-a-thon day 2068: things that grow


I have been about things that grow lately. Switching over the summer plants that have just about had it, to the heartier bring-on-the-chill fall plants and saying my last goodbyes to my legions of hydrangeas, which left me with a house filled with gorgeous dried blooms.

I really love topiaries–their shape and simplicity.  I just scooped up a rosemary version–tall and stately at Brimfield of all places. Its stature is giving off a nice vibe in my den.

I must have pulled 1,000 weeds yesterday from my front garden. Weeds really know how to flourish. It’s like they’ve cornered the market on vitamins or something. Do they have a steroid supplier in the neighborhood?

Maybe it’s the world right now and our country in particular, with so many lies and so much ugliness that’s making things that grow feel so important to me.

Up from the dirt, things take root and make their way into being. Gratitude for the lessons the natural world teaches when we stop to look and listen to it. The idea that you can come back stronger with a little rest over the winter. Yeah, i like that.



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