gratitude-a-thon day 2067:friends (not the tv show)

There is family. And then there are friends. Family is sort of stuck with you. Like you or not, we band together to help one another, blood coursing through our veins says it’s our duty, plus there are all those shared experiences.(Who else really knows how cuckoo crazy pants your dad was?)

But friends. They are the chosen. Before they become one of your people, they’re complete strangers. And then story by story, one movie/walk/late afternoon coffee/ glass of wine, or two, or three/one thoughtful phone call when the sky is falling/one workout that turns into lunch/one tv show you both adore, and suddenly you have found someone who is like your leg, only without a drop of cellulite.

In the department of gratitude, there is almost nothing (except maybe family and oh, my dog) that I am more grateful for than my friends. Along with potato chips, they are positively what gets me through this whack-a-doodle world.

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