gratitude-a-thon day 2035: floored


My floors turned out to be pine, under the horrible orangey brown color that I’ve hated since we moved in. Who knew they could be this gorgeous blonde?


There are bombs being sent to Trump critics. Nobody knows who is sending them. I’ve certainly made my feelings known about that guy with the weird hair who Russia put into the Oval, so I’m not answering the door! (Just a little levity during a dark time in our country.

But back to your regularly scheduled dose of gratitude.

My floors.

Or rather, the floors in my bedroom. Or rather the company who sanded the floors in my bedroom. Them. Gargantuan gratitude over here.

So, after living in my house for 22 years, we are finally getting a master bathroom! PARADE! It as taken quite a long time to build this baby, but we’re coming down to the wire. But, last week I found out that my contractor couldn’t do the floors, which looked like they hadn’t been sanded since 1882, when the house was built and were actually stained the ugliest color ever–think a lovely shade of what your pumpkin looks like if you don’t get rid of it by Thanksgiving. I had to find someone to do them myself. Panic at the disco. Who would I find to do them quickly, to keep the job moving? But not so quickly that they came out poorly? After almost seven months of construction, I just want to get back into our bedroom (WHY do renovations take 50,000 times longer than they should?)  Anyway, I got a name from one of my clients, I called and they called back! (Believe me, this doesn’t always happen, that people even bother calling you back, so right there, yahoo).

Anyway, Jay has been nothing but super helpful and really nice, since the moment I spoke with him, including that prompt call back. He also jammed me into his schedule! Again, joy to the world. His guys have been friendly, professional,  neat and considerate. AND the floors look fucking awesome! I didn’t even know they were pine!

So, shout out to Jay at JJ Hardwood Floors. It’s so nice when you work with people who treat a customer like they matter. I will give this company’s name to everyone I know because damn, great customer service and good work are super hard to find.

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