gratitude-a-thon day 2036:please vote


This has been a horrific week in America. However, I have found some things to be grateful for in the horror, but first, a recap.

All week, the country was on edge as we watched prominent Democrats, each who has been critical of the president, receive pipe bombs in the mail. Nobody knew who would be next, or just how many of these packages were already en route. When Cesar Sayoc was captured on Friday, he was described as a racist, bigot, anti-everyone, except Donald Trump, who his attorney has said he looked to as a father figure. The van, in which he lived was covered in pro-Trump/Pence stickers. Pictures of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore with crosshairs over their faces were plastered on the van, as well as a “CNN Sucks” sticker. He has been described as someone who used political rage as an identity.

And as if that wasn’t awful enough, terrifying enough to make you want to stay in bed, yesterday, a man walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh with an AR-15 rifle and killed 11 worshippers, injuring six, for no other reason other than they were Jews. Robert Bowers was an anti-semite who believed Jews were evil.

Gratitude? Where could I possibly find gratitude in these abominations? I am grateful for the helpers, the police, FBI, law enforcement personnel, the medical teams, the ordinary citizens who always step forward during these kinds of unspeakable events. These are the good and selfless, the rescuers who act from their hearts.

I saw Joe Biden on Friday and he spoke about the midterms by saying that we are fighting for our country’s soul with this election. And I believe this to be true. I am grateful he said it, because this election could be a turning point for a broken country being run by a president who is encouraging acts like those that occurred this past week.

Make no mistake, the negative and bigoted rhetoric and constant lies of Donald Trump are making haters feel empowered. Trump wants us to believe in “fake news,” but the truth is, good journalism keeps us informed, keeps the truth available. Our president is inciting and promoting white supremacists, neo-nazis, those who are anti-women/LGBQT/Muslim/Latino/minorities.

Please carefully consider your vote on November 6. There is another way. There are good and true people running for office that can help us get out of this ugliness. But only if you vote for them. It won’t be easy, but it is possible.





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