gratitude-a-thon day 2046: holiday cheer, it’s mueller time



I must tell you that even Santa could not deliver the mood-boosting news that’s befalling the the accidental president of the United States. The Teflon Don seems to have lost his luster and is being haunted by something so alien to him, I’m sure he doesn’t even know what it is–the truth.



You know how you like to see the bully/murderer/bad guy/monster get punished in a movie–that good feeling you get inside when evil gets a hard smack upside the head? That’s how I’m feeling. I do believe I have a little extra pep in my step that has nothing to do with holiday cheer.


So, gratitude to Saint Robert Mueller, to Michael “lap dog” Cohen, Nancy “Power” Pelosi and to all the people who are coming forward to tell the fucking truth. You are making my holidays bright.

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