gratitude-a-thon day 2047:rise and shine


It’s 23 degrees and I  am watching the sunrise. This is a common occurrence, the sun getting up each day, but what amazes me, and this morning is mesmerizing me, is the flourish with which it answers its alarm. If you’re lucky and up at the right time, and near a window, or outside (which I am not, because did I mention that it’s 23), you get to glory in the sun’s debut, and it’s often a colorful one. Today it’s a strip of pink atop a baby blue background. Imagine hoisting yourself out of bed with such a lovely attitude?

I am too lazy to move from under my fuzzy blanket on the couch to take a picture outside, so what I am witnessing is through my window’s gauzy curtains,  and even that’s inspiring. I mean, nature, all by itself, without help from man (in fact, we are so not helping nature these days–because remember there is no climate change) just does its thing, and so damn beautifully.

Maybe because I’m getting old, or because the earth is in peril, or because I try hard to notice the world around me, but there is a lot of beauty out there when we look for it. Not plasticized, manufactured, to purchase on Amazon, but just found in nature. And gratitude for that.


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