gratitude-a-thon day 2069: weather


It’s Saturday morning and I am sprawled out on the couch on my patio under a blanket looking up at the perfectly blue sky. God, it’s vast. The sun is large and in charge and there is the most gorgeous cool breeze rustling through the trees, making a soothing, calming sound that if you could package, you could sell as natural valium in the vitamin/beauty products aisle at Whole Foods. This would be part of my presidential platform–to create this weather 365 days a year (hey, it’s seems about as realistic as gun reform at this point, so why not shoot for the stars).

In centuries past, the weather had a huge impact on people’s livelihoods and productivity, i.e. farmers and their crops. But for me it has a huge impact on my mood. A day like this is everything good. A day like this brings on gratitude from every pore.



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