gratitude-a-thon day 2095: do what you can, it’s ok

Sleeping yong man relax after work, beer and popcorn and chips

Is it yesterday? Tomorrow? I am losing a sense of time. And sometimes my sense of humor. And hope. And style. Yesterday on a walk, I wore a Free People bag as a face mask.

I keep reading about people who are doing all these crafty projects, who have ambitious goals, like learning Japanese, knitting a cozy for their car, and rebuilding their houses. I am lucky to keep the mess at bay, forage for food on sites that no longer have delivery times, do yoga, tire out my dog by walking him seven times longer than normal, watch the news, get my writing work finished and leave enough time to panic. Oh yeah, and feel bad about how little I’m getting done, while others are crafting a backyard version of Versaille.

Getting through this crisis is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re all having good days and bad and we’re all having different and difficult challenges. Let’s just stop with the productivity message, shall we? Don’t feel bad if all you can do one day is watch eight hours of The Real Housewives of New York (God love you if you could stand it, but those spoiled, ridiculous, plastic women will certainly take your mind off of this crazy-ass crisis). Sometimes sitting our hineys on the couch watching mindless tv and eating industrial-sized bowls of junk food is all we can do and that’s just fine. This pandemic is an energy-zapper. It’s bringing out our worst fears. It’s putting our anxiety into overdrive. It’s making us cranky and hungry and antsy and sad. All that takes a lot of energy. It’s ok to just be. And remember, if you’re quarantining, you’re doing something for us all.

I mean parade for you if you’re more productive than you’ve ever been, and gratitude for all those people who are stepping up and doing things to help those in crisis, but if you’re not, if you just can’t, it’s ok. It’s perfectly ok. And we here at the gratitudeathon (meaning me here at the gratitudeathon) give you permission to just make it through this thing, without feeling you have to create a museum-worthy masterpiece in bronze, or get a certificate in rug hooking, or sculpt your body into that of JLo’s. You can just be. It’s ok. It’s really just ok.

Purell hugs & kisses.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 2095: do what you can, it’s ok

  1. Thank you for this! I’m also not getting anything productive done. The mess is also encroaching cuz I can’t clean anymore! I’m reading, doing crosswords, watching tv, and watching the birds out my windows. Thanks for letting me feel ok to not have the energy to do much else. I’m with you. Btw Free People was one of my mom’s favorite stores. There’s a store on Greenwich Ave. good idea for a mask. I’m sure I must still have one of their bags somewhere. Hang in there!

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