gratitude-a-thon day 2004: five things i’m grateful for right now

I have to work hard these days to focus on gratitude. It’s not that it isn’t lurking behind every corner, it’s just that there are so many obstacles trying to obscure it (a pandemic, Black Lives Matter, a lying, cheating,100% insane, murderous president, humidity).

Of course, this is when gratitude is most needed when you are stuck in the muck of a world in trauma. So, here are the five things I’ve been most grateful for in the past two weeks:


  1. Hamilton. I was fortunate enough to see this on Broadway and didn’t think it could possibly translate in movie form, let along on tv. But guess what, it does, and beautifully. In fact, I caught words to songs I hadn’t caught in the live performance. We are currently playing the soundtrack around the clock. This is worth getting Disney for a month and canceling. It will remind you of how we’ve had other tumultuous times in our country and also how brilliant Lin Manuel Miranda is and also that there is nothing like a musical to get you in a good mood (The King!)
  2. The Lincoln Project. This is a Republican organization trying to bring the party to its original mission. In doing so, they tell the truth about Trump. Their videos are informative and, well, brutal. If I were the president, I’d be curled up in a fetal position after watching one of these. This is the latest. It makes me giddy.
  3. Cauliflower rice. Ok, you might think I’m scraping the barrel here, but this is my gratitude list, so back off! I used to make this fresh, but it seemed to always come overcook. I just tried the Jolly Green Giant frozen version and it somehow seems to come out exactly right. And they have it with broccoli in it and other veggies, too. This stuff is great. I doctor it up with garlic and onions and sometimes put in a cup of real rice, too. This low cal treat is a frozen food staple in my kitchen these days.

4.    New sneakers! I have difficult feet. Just search “bunions” on this site and you can read all about them. So, finding sneakers that accommodate the wide front of my foot, while hugging the narrow-ish back of my foot has been a job in itself. Until a few years ago when I found a Nike version that was perfect. I just kept buying them every 8 or so months, thinking how great it was that I’d found something that felt made for my feet. Well, as all good things come to an end, so did the Pegasus Zoom 33. Sigh. Nike discontinued them. Heartbreak. Foot ache. Covid had begun and no stores were open for me to find a replacement. I kept wearing my beat-up Nikes, while I was walking more than ever, and hoping they’d hold out. So, Marathon Sports opened the other day, and if you’ve never been there, shout out. They fit you and assess your gait and will bring out as many sneakers as you need to get you the Cinderella fit you deserve. I got some Asics that are so comfortable and padded, I feel like I’m walking on a trampoline. Talk about a spring in your step.

5.   Flowers. I cannot get by without some blooms. My little garden is in full swing right now and I appreciate it every time I go outside. I also get high from other people’s flowers. Walking around the hood, more than normal during Covid has given me a brand new appreciation for the gardens of others.


What’s keeping you going these days? What are you grateful for?





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