gratitude-a-thon day 2004: getting away


I am on vacation. It seems wrong and the antithesis of everything that is happening in the country, but here we are on the Cape for a week. There is some guilt involved for me, but I also see that taking a break from the barrage of crazy Trump, the pandemic, Portland, politics and the serious break with reality that Kanye’s having (!) and all the other awful news is necessary to be able to get through the world right now. Hey, you gotta do what you can to save yourself. Put the oxygen mask on first, or you won’t be able to take care of anybody.


We have been going to the Vineyard for the past 30 years, but that seemed too much this year with the ferry dictating our arrival and departure. Who knows when you might need to go to the hospital. So, we rented a house near close friends who are here for most of the summer and we are having a lot of fun. FUN. Can you imagine? Don’t get me wrong, everybody is wearing masks everywhere you go, and some things are closed and the traffic is minimal (which is a stupendous side effect), but the beach is stunning, with a sandbar that goes out for what feels like miles and actual warm water! I have been swimming! I can never get into the water for more than a warp speed moment to cool down when it’s super hot because New England beaches are generally cold as winter. I just might be a Bay kind of girl.



Anyway, yes, I feel sheepish to be on vacation while things are going to hell in a Corona infected handbag right now, but I am also feeling some much needed happy seeing my kids together, having my son home from California, spending time laughing with good friends. It’s also adorable to see all the kids, who grew up together catch up on their lives reminiscing about their childhoods and cracking up.

So gratitude for a getaway. I think we have to take care of ourselves, not just physically, but mentally during this country’s nightmare. There have been whole hours I have forgotten what’s going on while I’ve been here. And that’s not just good, but I think it’s necessary to keep putting one foot in front of another without wanting to step in front of a moving train. Can you get away? If even for like, a day? It helps.


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