gratitude-a-thon day HALLOWEEN

Yesterday my husband and I were walking the dog together and we were both like, what the hell is Halloween, anyway? So, I went to my brain trust (Google) and found out. You’re welcome.

Of course, we all know it’s all about candy. Just ask  Seinfeld (so much gratitude for this old bit of his, when he was the absolute king of comedy).

There has to be nuts, if you ask me, but Vox recently ranked Halloween candy from best to worse just to help you out tonight, when you steal from your kids, or worse yet, pretend to be a teenager at the door of your neighbor with a lame costume on and an open plastic pumpkin head. We’re in trouble this year with no kids home, we may have to hold up some of our trick or treaters (I apologize in advance, we will not use guns).

Stay safe, and what I really mean is, don’t chew anything that will pull out a filling, or worse, a crown.


gratitude-a-thon day 727: a knee up


Calling all nice people who do nice things for other nice people. My daughter is having ACL surgery tomorrow. They are making her a brand spanking new ACL out of her patella, on account of she tore hers going in for her third goal in a high school soccer game, just in time for her 18th birthday, which is next week (the gift every girl wants). She has been playing soccer since she was five. With all she’s played, maybe this was inevitable, but still, I can tell you, it sucks on a scale of 1-10, around a 1, 569, 450,398,320,120,993,000,463,211, 387,670.

Anyway, we are now accepting prayers for good outcomes, healing vibes, good wishes, crossed fingers, and anything else that might help Ally’s surgery and recovery go smoothly. So, if you’re like, not doing anything tomorrow, or even if you are, and you’d like to keep us in your head, in the department of “good thoughts, we hear at the gratitude-a-thon (meaning me here at the gratitude-a-thon) would really appreciate it. A lot. A lot, lot.