gratitude-a-thon day 184: a note on the ground


I stumbled on this message on the Huffpost via  Reddit. A guy found it on the ground and posted it.

I can’t tell you how this sort of thing makes me love the world. Because it’s just funny. And real. And true. And I thought it was cool to find on the internet, but I would have really thought it was cool if I’d found it on the ground. Nice to get some acknowledgement, you know?!  So, to all of you out there, who have made it through all the world has thrown at you and all it has gracefully placed in front of you, you go, motherfuckers, you are indeed AWESOME!

gratitude-a-thon day 183: the giving tree, i mean wedding planner


Sometimes I like to live in a pretend world where everybody’s best selves are always showing. I think how amazing it would be if we all had lives that allowed us to give, instead of worry how much we could amass. Or that we all had enough, so we could stop having to carry around so much fear over not being able to pay for mortgages, or food, or medical care.

I found this story on the Huffpost. I LOVE that this wedding planner organized a total give-a-thon to create a wedding for this bride. This is a story of pure heart. This is the kind of thing that makes everybody involved a better person. This is what should happen more.

I rarely feel better than when I’m giving something to someone. I feel best when it’s a surprise, or goes a little above and beyond in the giving department. I like to make the give something personal, whether it’s time or a tangible something, or an idea. But I could give more. And that would be better. We could all give a little more. And it feels like it would be medicine for the whole world. I wonder why we don’t? As the wedding planner in the story, said, she wanted to do something extraordinary. Don’t we all?

I’m going to think hard on this. I love it so much, that I’m going to think hard about the whole idea. I”m grateful for having read it. It’s making me think. In a really good way…….stay tuned.

gratitutde-a-thon day 182: the pope

He’s adorable, right?

Look, I’m going to just say it. I think I have a crush on the Pope. Preface: I am not a Catholic, although my mom was and most of the family and friends I grew up around were and are. I have major issues with the Church, from their widespread sexual abuse of children, to their views on abortion, women, and homosexuality. But let’s just leave my massive differences with this institution aside for a moment.


The 76 year old Pope got three million people to gather/rally/party on World Youth Day in Rio. That’s bigger than a Taylor Swift concert. Larger than Woodstock. Not even close to Occupy Wall Street. This dude can sell out an arena! The Pope, in his glowing little Pope mobile, stopped several times to kiss babies on his ride through the streets. The Pope donned a sombrero! HOW CAN YOU ARGUE WITH HIS FASHION SENSE–A SOMBRERO!

Also, notable, the Pope told young people they should go out in the streets and ask better of their countries, as long as they do so peacefully. He also said, “If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” What? Did you know they named you Pope, dude? Get with the program.

Is it me, or is this a very different front guy for the Catholic Church? They have a ton of work to do before they can be trusted and forgiven, but Pope Francis, Pope Francis is a God damn (sorry) good start.

gratitude-a-thon day 181: dogs are the gosh darn best

This isn’t my dog, but maybe I should get another one? It’s been that kind of crap summer.

i am still having massive tooth pain from this infection/re-root canal. I have been eating ice cream and doing drugs since Wednesday night. While that might sound fun to some, it is not my idea of awesomosity. I might be feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself. What with the shit weather on the Vineyard and the tooth, and the family tension around the college bound son, this is the summer of my discontent. As soon as I get better, I am going to go into overdrive, and turn things around. You watch. I’m going to make this one great summer.

For now, I am considering another dog because of this video. Not really, but sort of.

gratitude-a-thon day 179: small bites friday


I am still having awful tooth pain, but GRATITUDE to all the scientists who worked on making Hydrocodone and Advil. Without them, you’d hear me screaming through cyberspace.

Maybe Weiner could have a new career in meteorology?

As a frequent chicken eater, this article was really tasty, I mean, helpful.

He didn’t do much I liked when he was president, but this, THIS makes me love the guy.

I am not a huge “royal watcher,” but I found it absolutely adorable to see Kate and Will leave the hospital with George. Also, I loved that Kate was so willing to show off her post-baby bump, which I hid in a giant sweater and leggings when I left the hospital. She probably just helped millions of woman not to feel so bad about still looking preggers after having the baby.

I am ga ga over the song “One Love.” I can’t seem to get sick of it, but here’s a really gorgeous sort of extension by Mary Lambert, who sings the chorus. It’s perfect.

Saturday Night Live is funny, but it’s even funnier when the characters laugh, too.

I know I shouldn’t like the song “Blurred Lines,” but it’s the most perfect dance song ever. This is a pretty funny take-off though, especially for a dogophile, like moi.

pain-a-thooth-a-thon day 178: endodontics (if you want to get a secret out of someone, torture them with tooth pain)

Um, yeah. I was like a 97.

Two days ago I woke up with a toothache. I took some Advil and waited. It persisted. I took some Aleve and I waited. Then I called my dentist, but he couldn’t see me until yesterday at 3:45. I have had a bad back since I was in my early 20’s, I have had multiple surgeries for infertility. I have had two babies. But this pain, this pain was an Olympic Gold medal winner.

So, I go see Mark, my dentist of 20 years, who says he thinks I may have cracked the root of a molar which has a very old cap and root canal. The solution: you pull the tooth. And while that news freaked me out, I was sort of like, “Well, can you pull it now, this minute?” That’s how much pain I was in. But Mark’s not sure, not 100% positive. So, he calls an edodontics guy and asks if he might be able to see me. It’s 4:30. Yes, he will slip me in. I head for Wellesley during rush hour with my tooth throbbing, willing to have all my teeth pulled if it will abolish the pain.

The receptionist is exceptionally nice and calls me Miss Toni. The dental assistant is also sweet. And the endodontist is calm and patient and immediately tells me that I have an infection in the bottom of the root of my tooth, because the root canal wasn’t done properly and bacteria has collected. At 5:15, it’s decided I will have to have another root canal. I feel terrible that everybody will have to stay late because of me, and I start thanking them profusely, while I cry. Yes, it was pain so severe that I was actually HAPPY to have a root canal. The minute the novocaine goes in, I’m free and the pain is a distant memory. It takes an hour and 15 minutes of having my mouth open, while my body is so stiff, I could have been mistaken for a corpse. Dr. Miller is happy because he is actually able to reach the very bottom of the root, which he wasn’t sure he would be able to accomplish. This is good news. The bad news is that the pain is not going to go away for at least two more days. He will give me pain medication, in addition to an antibiotic for the infection.

I hate drugs. They usually make me nauseas, but in this case, I am thinking I need to at least have them on hand. I go home and eat some soup, because I can’t chew. I take my Advil dose and my antibiotic. I’m sore, but ok. And then, like a flash flood, it hits. The pain is back. I take one of the Hydrocodone. It lessens within 10 minutes to a bearable level. I go to bed woozy and watch tv with Ally. But the pain is getting worse again, so I take another Hydrocodone. I fall asleep. I wake up at 3:30 with the most searing pain, I am sobbing and writhing like I have had a limb amputated. I take two more Hydrocodone and three Advil. I finally fall asleep.

And here I am, having already ingested my Advil and antibiotic. Getting ready for next round of pain meds, and hoping against hope that I wont’ need them, but at least I have them and they work. Good God, I am grateful for Dr. Les Miller of Wellesley and his very nice team, and office with exceptionally nice floors (they were a light wood I’d never seen before and while the pain was brutal, these things don’t get by me). Gratitude doesn’t even begin to touch it (and speaking of touching it, even my tongue couldn’t touch this tooth without intense pain). Anyway, my deepest thanks to the good Doctor. And oh yeah, a shout out to Hydrocodone, too.