gratitude-a-thon day 338: small bites friday


Hey wait, I thought there was a treat involved. Dogs react to magic.

The mother of invention.

A girl and her dog (you know I’m helpless in the face of pooch pics).

micro, macro, beautiful.

I’m a sucker for any before and after’s. Here’s a fun one. You can play too. Just get out your pictures.

Mindy Kaling’s not only hysterical, she’s smart.

New Lorrie Moore out now: Bark. Can’t wait to read.

Kim and Kanye on the cover. Team Sarah Michelle Gellar–who cares?

Listen, marriage is hard. I’ve been at it for 26 years, but I’m just a little grateful the perfect Gwyneth, who’s been selling us how to live, isn’t so perfect after all, but perhaps just a marketing genius.

This is a little like that old game “Mystery Date,” but way better.

I can’t really believe these are paintings.


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