gratitude-a-thon day 339: keeping my sense of humor: bathing suit season

This is just the suit for me. Maybe I was born in the wrong era.

To me bathing suit shopping is a little like being held prisoner in some back room with one hanging light bulb and aksed why my body hasn’t remained 25? “Look at all of your flaws!” the bathing suit police would yell at me. “We shall keep you here without food, until you can look good in zee bazing suit.”

Guess what, guys, I’m 55 and moderately thin, but zee bazing suit, unless Spanx has made a head to toe version, is never going to be my best look, despite the fact that the location you wear zee bazing suit, is the place I love most in zee world. Ah, the irony.

Anyway, this gave me a chuckle. And I think I’ll take a few of her hints when I embark on the hunt for the least conspicuous suit. I wish I had that 90 year old grandma she’s talking about. And a dressing room with mood lighting.


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