gratitude-a-thon day 384: Jocina Becker for president (I mean Town Meeting)

Jocina Becker, Precinct 6. She’s smart. She’s energetic. And she’s only 25 and running for Town Meeting. This girl has a future.

Today is Election day in Brookline. One of my neighbor’s daughters is running for Town Meeting. Honestly, and slightly embarrassingly, I don’t’ normally pay attention to the Town Election (Which is not to say I’m a slacker, I do a ton of school volunteering and at this very moment am knee deep in the After the Prom Party). But  this year I am paying attention to our Election, and there’s a very simple reason why. Jocina Becker is 25. And she gets my vote because of that.

Oh stop, of course, she’s smart and articulate and got scads of energy (not to mention is completely adorable), but she has my vote because she’s 25 and doing something for her town. We need young voices and opinions. We need that kind of super sonic youthful moxie.

At 25, I was obsessing over boys, aerobics classes and getting a job in advertising. I was not considering ways in which to help Boston, other than spending money on clothes, which I imagined was good for the economy (but not my tiny Newbury Street closet). So, if for no other reason (although there are plenty of reasons, like she’s for the Brookline Place Development, for one) she gets my vote. Go Jocina. You’re a great role model (even my 16 year old took notice and that’s saying something).



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