gratitude-a-thon day 383: i still love obama


UnknownI still love Obama. I’m not really an ultra patriotic, loving my country, flag waver type, but I love the guy. I watched his White House Correspondence Dinner speech and I loved him even more. He’s funny. He’s really funny. And totally hip, with great timing. When this president thing ends, I could totally see him doing the comedy club circuit (don’t say it, republicans).

3 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 383: i still love obama

  1. I LOVE him. So much. And he killed it. I was thinking the same thing about his next career. Really. People say he’s aloof, but how can that smile be aloof?? Did I mention I LOVE him??

    1. first of all, great jokes. but delivery. he was the delivery MAN. straight face–shoots it out there, and then turns his head and gives that little chuckle. guy is something. really exceptional man. i loved him before the election and i still love him. totally and completely.another man we have to fight over…..

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