gratitude-a-thon day 426: in praise of gratitude (it is the gratitude-a-thon, after all)


Some days I wake up and I feel like “Gratitude? Fuck gratitude.” But then I wait a minute for it to come, as I swiftly roll through my mental rolodex of things that are good. I’m not Sarah Palin, I don’t live in poverty, there are, like, 47 kinds of potato chips, for example. There are so many of things to be grateful for that I can’t even believe how I could have only moments ago said “Fuck gratitude.” (But, well, you know how I love to say the “f” word).

That’s the thing about gratitude. It’s like air, it’s all over the place. It can be hiding under your couch, or in your underwear drawer, or in the cabinet where you keep the soup pot that you thought was the perfect size, but actually turns out to be too big to use (you can’t even fit it into the sink to wash–what were you thinking).

Let’s say you were hanging off a ledge, in 90 degree heat, with a flirty grizzly salivating over your fingers. You might wonder what the hell you could be grateful for in THAT situation. But think about it, it could be raining. I mean, that’s how this practice works. There is, 100% of the time, something you can find that is a little gift,  in virtually any situation. You just have to get into the head space. It’s a change in the way you live day to day. Instead of looking for the bad stuff, you seek out the good stuff. You gotta become a gratitude hunter, look for it in every place you go. Once you open up your own personal gratitude search engine, you’ll find that that living your life can become  better, nicer, funner (you can even make up words if you want, too).

Heres a good article from Harvard Medical School, explaining how and why gratitude actually makes us healthier. There’s loads of impressive research on this practice, and good, solid reasons for you to sharpen your gratitude skills, like a set of Wusthof’s. I mean, if it can help me, it can help you. And if it can help me AND you, that’s all of us. Can a a little bit better of a world be far away?

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