gratitude-a-thon day 227: small bites friday

Incredibly moved that Malala Yousafzai has won the Nobel Prize. Congratulations to a girl with conviction, heart, and guts. Parade. Who says a 17 year old can’t change the world?

Wow. Just wow.


Is it just the media that’s making me feel like I could get Ebola?

Jan Hooks is dead. Here’s to all the times she made me laugh.

We’re just wired to make art.

Could it be that that the head of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is, well, a dick?

Warning, bragging mom alert. My daughter killed it on the soccer field yesterday.

Goal 2 for Brookline. Or shall I say, the WINNING goal.

There’s a new base. Good to know.

Have you heard the one about the horse who walked into a police station?

In the “something old, something new department.

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