saditude-a-thon day 634: we’re all we have


We are our only hope.

And yet, we  can’t get our shit together.

For all the “We have a black president,” banter, we also seem to be on a killing spree of black boys and men across the country. The Charleston Church shooting is an abysmal reminder that racism lives lavishly right here in the U.S. of A. Shame on us. For all the progress we’ve made, we still seem to be walking up the down escalator. Martin Luther King must be weeping  today.


A glimmer of hope, in the form of forgiveness. Many of the family members who lost  loved ones in the shooting looked the shooter in the eye yesterday while he was being arraigned, and forgave him.

Forgiveness. Is this part of the way out of the maze? When forgiveness, love and humanity beat out ego?


And when will we face the simple truth that guns are far too easy to get, that background checks are essential? We are shooting ourselves in the foot not to think this is part of our demise.


When is it that we will begin to truly believe that mental illness is a disease just like cancer, and not a lack of willpower, or a character defect, and start normalizing it so that the stigma disappears, and people reach out for help.

We’re all we have. And yet….


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