gratitude-a-thon day 805: just another wednesday: um, not really


So yesterday, my little town became like an episode of CSI, not that I would know, because I can proudly say that is one show I have never watched (not that I’m above it, I’m known to watch those housewives from Beverly Hills every so often), but man was it a weird and CNN-ish day around here.

I was skype-training with my old trainer who up and moved to California, even though she knew I would physically fall to shit without her (the nerve), and I told her during the session that I wondered if something was going on, because I heard a fleet of helicopters. No kidding, either, you know how you hear one and you’re all like, huh is there an accident, or a heart is landing at one the hospitals for a transplant, well, this wasn’t like that, it sounded like Apocolypse Now. Anyway, when we finished, I went over to the computer to say goodbye and turn skype off, when I saw in the corner of my screen, an email about a shooting and stabbing in the village, so I opened it, and read it to Colleen, and we were both all like, “WHA?”

Then I looked at my phone to see a text message from my daughter telling me the news. I appreciated this, because that meant it wasn’t her  that was was stabbed or shot. Then I looked at my email, where there were like six emails from the neighborhood association about the “incident,”and that three schools, including our old elementary school were in lockdown.  Then I hit social media, and went on Twitter to see what the police had to say, onto Facebook, where there were several different versions of the story, and then surfed around all the local news news stations to see if I could get the scoop. The number of people involved kept changing. The shooting and stabbing figures kept shifting. I couldn’t find two stories that matched. But the basic story was that at least three people were shot and or stabbed at St. Paul Street, and on Harvard Street, in front of the Brookline Spa (a sandwich shop and police hang out), which also happens to be across from two elementary schools.

And then I had to take Riley to the groomers, which meant I couldn’t turn the tv on and see live pictures of what was happening a 1/2 mile from me. So, Riley and I got into the car. He loves a car ride, especially if he doesn’t know we’re actually going to the groomers (and I mean, when you need a haircut, you need a haircut, shooting in town or no shooting in town). We had to drive right by one of the crime scenes. Riley was not at all impressed, but I was because there were tons of people milling around and from the last bit of information I could find, the perps (I have watched a police show or two in my day) had not been caught yet. There was something odd about the way this was being reported. Nobody seemed alarmed enough.

By last night, what I could piece together from this one piece of evidence, “the victims were known to police here and in other communities,” was that maybe this was like a drug thing gone wrong, and that’s why the police weren’t all like telling us to shelter in place. Here is the latest.

Anyway, I”m grateful that more people weren’t hurt, and that none of the high school students on their way to their 1 o’clock exams, that were literally all over the village at the time,  were involved. Oh, also my close friend was interviewed on tv, looking like a very empathic listener, which is good, on account of she’s a therrapist. Also, Riley’s haircut is great.


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