gratitude-a-thon day 982: looking for hope


By now I had half hoped that the guy who won the Oval, whose name it’s really hard for me to say or write on account of how awful of a human being I believe him to be, would have done something that I could interpret as unifying.

He hasn’t. In fact, he is, on the daily, making me feel less and less hopeful (and I started out with no hope whatsoever, so I’m nosediving into the middle of the earth at this point).

But here are some hopeful things to focus on, instead of the dreadfulness that keeps getting tweeted by our totally irresponsible, childish P.E., who will soon be our P. (pee is more like it).

Ann Lamott, one of my most trusted advisers and beloved authors and all-around lovely humans shared something her son wrote and it is so brave and so important and so I wanted to also share it. It’s called How I managed not to kill myself yesterday. Bravo, Sam. You are courageous and smart and loving like your momma.


The Golden Globes are on this Sunday, and you know who will be watching carefully so I can write my best and worst post on Monday. Woot, woot.

Dan Rather is now the father of Facebook. I’m in.

Homeland starts this Sunday (oh, but I will be watching The Globes, first world problems). Cannot wait to see what kind of shenanigans Carrie is going to get into this season.

I worked out (sort of) for the first time in a month (due to this ongoing virus/sinus infection/CRUD). Let’s hear it for my non-existent abs.

The days are getting longer! The light is coming!

You don’t have to go to, or watch the inauguration. Nobody is going to force you to. You have a choice!

Boston’s channel 7 has succeeded from the Peacock so that you can see Family Feud at 8, nightly. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention, of course I hate The Feud).

Kim Burrell lost her radio show after her homophobic rant (some people actually get scolded for non-inclusive behavior, not our President-Elect, but some people). Pharrell Williams comment is worth a read.Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 7.14.19 AM.png

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